Nyingchi Weather in April

From mid-March to early April each year, the peach blossoms in the mountains and plains begin to cover the hillsides and stretch to the valleys. Walking through them, you can see that the snow peaks stand, the peach blossoms bloom, and the beauty is breathtaking. Nyingchi's average temperature in April was 13 °C, and the weather warms up, but the higher altitudes will still be slightly chilly. April is the full season of Nyingchi Peach Blossom, and it is also the liveliest season of Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival. At this time, it is the tourist season of Nyingchi, the peach blossoms in the mountains and the mountains, there are more tourists. If you want to shoot a better angle of the snow mountain peach image, remember to bring a telephoto lens.

Nyingchi Dressing Guide in April

At this time, if you want to compare with the beautiful peach, the plain color clothes can make people more beautiful. In April, the average temperature of Nyingchi is 3-16 degrees, and the temperature is slightly higher than that of Lhasa. However, if you drive over a hill, the temperature will drop several degrees. Therefore, no matter what clothes you wear, you must carry one extra cloth to wear it when cold.

√ Average 16°C during the day. Wear warm clothing such as suits, jackets, windbreakers, casual wear, jackets, suits, and thin sweaters.

√ Average 3°C during the night. It is recommended to wear windbreaker, coat, coat, coat, sweater, wool suit, suit, winter clothes and other warm clothes.

Nyingchi Weather in Former April

Date Max. temp Min. temp Daytime Weather Night Weather
1. Apr. 14℃ 4℃ overcast light rain
2. Apr. 15℃ 4℃ light rain light rain
3. Apr. 17℃ 3℃ light rain light rain
4. Apr. 15℃ 5℃ cloudy overcast
5. Apr. 13℃ 2℃ light rain moderate rain
6. Apr. 13℃ 3℃ moderate rain light rain
7. Apr. 15℃ 2℃ rain shower overcast
8. Apr. 14℃ 4℃ overcast overcast
9. Apr. 14℃ 4℃ rain shower light rain
10. Apr. 15℃ 1℃ light rain light rain
11. Apr. 14℃ 3℃ overcast light rain
12. Apr. 17℃ 3℃ light rain light rain
13. Apr. 17℃ 1℃ light rain moderate rain
14. Apr. 19℃ 4℃ rain shower light rain
15. Apr. 16℃ 5℃ cloudy rain shower
16. Apr. 18℃ 6℃ light rain light rain
17. Apr. 16℃ 4℃ overcast light rain
18. Apr. 13℃ 3℃ overcast heavy rain
19. Apr. 17℃ 2℃ light rain cloudy
20. Apr. 19℃ 4℃ cloudy rain shower
21. Apr. 18℃ 5℃ cloudy cloudy
22. Apr. 16℃ 5℃ overcast light rain
23. Apr. 16℃ 5℃ rain shower light rain
24. Apr. 15℃ 3℃ rain shower light rain
25. Apr. 13℃ 3℃ overcast rain shower
26. Apr. 13℃ 3℃ cloudy cloudy
27. Apr. 16℃ 5℃ cloudy overcast
28. Apr. 15℃ 4℃ cloudy overcast
29. Apr. 14℃ 4℃ rain shower overcast
30. Apr. 15℃ 4℃ rain shower cloudy

Nyingchi Travel Guide in April

Nyingchi's peach trees are mostly wild peaches. The trunk of the wild peach is thick and vigorous, and the flowers are small and numerous, densely packed and layered, just like the morning glow. Located in the Niyang River, Nyingchi Taohua Village is less than 10 kilometers from Bayi Town. It is the best place to enjoy peach blossoms. From the end of March to the beginning of April, the time when Nyingchi peach blossoms are competing to bloom, the peach blossoms here are not artificially planted, and most of them are free to grow wild. Therefore, it is a gift of nature. The flowering period of peach blossom is very short, only about half a month. Therefore, since the middle and late April, the peach blossoms gradually fade away, and the green leaves are flourishing. It is the lushest season of Nyingchi. Walking on the 318 National Road, the scenery on both sides is even more fascinating. Whether it is the snowy mountains in the distance or the peach blossoms in the distance, people are lingering. The most beautiful scenery is on the road in Ranwu-Bomi-Bayi Town. If you travel to Tibet at this time, you must not miss the 318 National Road in Nyingchi in April.

Nyingchi Travel Tips in April

In Nyingchi, there were a lot of tourists in April. Both domestic and overseas tourists were amazed at the beauty of Nyingchi Spring. There are tourists who wear beautiful skirts only to compete with peach blossoms. Some people wear thick down jackets because they think Tibet is very cold. Some people wear shirts and jackets and sigh just right. Nyingchi is a magical place in April. Visitors are advised to wear spring clothes, and they can carry a light down jacket with them. The simple knitwear and windbreaker jacket is a good tool for visiting Nyingchi in April.

Best Time to Visit Nyingchi

The best time to visit Nyingchi area is from September to October. Looking at the land surrounded by snow-capped mountains of Nyingchi, the autumn is colorful, and it is also the best time to watch the Nandi Bawa Peak. In the middle of March-April, it is also a wonderful choice to admire the wild peach blossoms in the mountains.

The average temperature in winter of Nyingchi is above 0 °C, and the average temperature in summer is 20 °C. It is a good place for no heat in summer and no cold in winter. During the rainy season from May to September each year, a large amount of rainfall will cause natural disasters such as landslides, mudslides and landslides. This poses a great threat to the road traffic between the valleys in the southeast of Tibet. Therefore, the rainy season is not a good season for tour Nyingchi.

Nyingchi in March, the warm sun shines, and the cold gradually disappears. It is already the ocean of flowers. The snow peaks in the distance are also white, and the peach blossoms have quietly bloomed like a falling sky. Pink peach blossoms, against the blue sky and the thin snow peaks, are very beautiful and beautiful. The annual Peach Blossom Festival will kick off on the beautiful Niyang River on March 15th. The local government will organize a variety of activities such as folk song and dance performances, archery competitions, and thousands of people. It is the perfect place for you to travel in the spring, enjoy the flowers, enjoy the scenery, and experience the Tibetan feelings.


Nyingchi Weather in April FAQ

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