Nyingchi Weather in December

Nyingchi 's temperature in December is not very cold, the average temperature is 9 °C, the lowest temperature is -12 °C, the average daytime temperature is about 10 °C, the average temperature is about -5 °C, the weather is different and sunniest days and nights at night. There will be light rain in the day, and the lowest temperature will be -6 °C at night. In the cloudy days, there will be snow, snow is concentrated in the night, and the minimum temperature is -11 °C. Most of the late cloudy weather will have snow, and the minimum temperature is about -12 °C. It’s not very cold to play in Nyingchi in December, but keep warm at night.


Nyingchi Dressing Guide in December

The temperature difference between day and night is very large, and the temperature is relatively high during the day. It is recommended to wear a little sportswear, sweaters, jeans, cashmere socks, skirts, etc., and choose spring clothes. It is located on the plateau, the UV is relatively strong, it is easy to sunburn the skin, you can apply sunscreen, with a sun hat or scarf.

√ Average 10°C during the day. Wear warm clothing such as suits, jackets, windbreakers, casual wear, jackets, suits, and thin sweaters.

√ Average -4°C during the night. It is recommended to wear thick warm clothes such as cotton coats, winter coats, leather jackets, thick coats, hats, gloves, down jackets, and leather jackets.


Nyingchi Weather in Former December

Date Max. temp Min. temp Daytime Weather Night Weather
1. Dec. 15 1 sunny cloudy
2. Dec. 10 0 light snow light snow
3. Dec. 10 0 snow and rain snow and rain
4. Dec. 12 -3 cloudy cloudy
5. Dec. 12 -4 sunny sunny
6. Dec. 12 -4 sunny cloudy
7. Dec. 12 -3 overcast cloudy
8. Dec. 11 -5 snow shower cloudy
9. Dec. 13 -3 sunny cloudy
10. Dec. 12 -2 cloudy light snow
11. Dec. 11 0 cloudy cloudy
12. Dec. 8 0 overcast snow and rain
13. Dec. 10 0 cloudy snow and rain
14. Dec. 8 -2 cloudy moderate snow
15. Dec. 5 -5 cloudy overcast
16. Dec. 9 -4 cloudy overcast
17. Dec. 8 -4 cloudy snow shower
18. Dec. 6 -4 snow shower overcast
19. Dec. 7 -6 cloudy overcast
20. Dec. 5 -11 sunny cloudy
21. Dec. 5 -5 light snow light snow
22. Dec. 6 -5 cloudy overcast
23. Dec. 8 -9 cloudy snow shower
24. Dec. 8 -4 cloudy cloudy
25. Dec. 4 -4 light snow cloudy
26. Dec. 8 -12 cloudy cloudy
27. Dec. 7 -8 sunny sunny
28. Dec. 12 -8 sunny sunny
29. Dec. 12 -6 cloudy cloudy
30. Dec. 10 -1 cloudy overcast
31.Dec. 10 1 light snow light snow

Nyingchi Travel Guide in December

The red leaves and yellow leaves of the mountain will embellish the colorful colors of Nyingchi. The autumn of Nyingchi is warmer and sunny. The blue sky and white clouds that are unique to the plateau are particularly bright and beautiful. Autumn is the most fascinating season for Nyingchi. Landing in Tibet from October or Yunnan to Nyingchi is the most colorful season. At this time, Nyingchi needs to carry thick cold clothes. If you want to capture the beautiful scenery, it is recommended to carry a wide-angle lens. Traveling in the Nyingchi area in winter should be noted that due to the dry season, the climate here is very dry, you need to carry skin care moisturizers, especially to prevent dry mouth; although the day is warm, but the night temperature is very low, there is no heating in the hotel, must bring enough warm clothing and bedding. Travelers should adjust the daily itinerary in due course.


Nyingchi Travel Tips in December

The winter climate in Tibet is very dry. In winter, it is necessary to do skin moisturizing work. It is recommended to bring lipstick, hand cream, emollient oil, face cream and other skin care products. You need to drink more water and eat more fruits in Tibet. When you come to Tibet in winter, you don't need to take a bath every day like in the mainland. Bathing every day is not only easy to catch a cold, but also the skin is more dry after bathing. Therefore, it is recommended to apply moisturizers and other moisturizing products after a shower. In fact, even if you don’t take a bath in Tibet for a few days, you will feel more dry.


One of the themes of coming to Tibet in winter is to bask in the sun. However, everyone should pay attention to sun protection when enjoying the warm sunshine outside. It is recommended to bring sunscreen, hat and other sun protection products before entering Tibet, so that you can enjoy the warm sunshine of Tibet with confidence.


In winter, Tibet has less oxygen content than in summer, and the probability of high reversal in winter is actually higher than that in summer. We must do a good job of resisting high-reverse work (in fact, no matter when you enter Tibet, anti-high-reaction work cannot be ignored). You can drink Rhodiola in advance for ten days before entering Tibet. The role of Rhodiola is mainly to prevent altitude sickness. The role of plateau is mainly to treat altitude sickness.


Best Time to Visit Nyingchi

The best time to visit Nyingchi area is from September to October. Looking at the land surrounded by snow-capped mountains of Nyingchi, the autumn is colorful, and it is also the best time to watch the Nandi Bawa Peak. In the middle of March-April, it is also a wonderful choice to admire the wild peach blossoms in the mountains.


The average temperature in winter of Nyingchi is above 0 °C, and the average temperature in summer is 20 °C. It is a good place for no heat in summer and no cold in winter. During the rainy season from May to September each year, a large amount of rainfall will cause natural disasters such as landslides, mudslides and landslides. This poses a great threat to the road traffic between the valleys in the southeast of Tibet. Therefore, the rainy season is not a good season for tour Nyingchi.


Nyingchi in March, the warm sun shines, and the cold gradually disappears. It is already the ocean of flowers. The snow peaks in the distance are also white, and the peach blossoms have quietly bloomed like a falling sky. Pink peach blossoms, against the blue sky and the thin snow peaks, are very beautiful and beautiful. The annual Peach Blossom Festival will kick off on the beautiful Niyang River on March 15th. The local government will organize a variety of activities such as folk song and dance performances, archery competitions, and thousands of people. It is the perfect place for you to travel in the spring, enjoy the flowers, enjoy the scenery, and experience the Tibetan feelings.

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