Nyingchi Weather in July

In Nyingchi area, the average temperature is 12°C-22°C in July. July is the rainy season in Tibet. This month's precipitation is relatively large, but it is generally raining at night, with less rain during the day, the sun is still bright and the ultraviolet rays are strong during the day. At this time, remember to protect your skin. The climate in Tibet in August is very comfortable and mild. Due to the rainy season, the oxygen content is also relatively high, the air will not be particularly dry, and there is no sultry heat like inland China, which is very suitable for summer vacation. If there is still a little rain in the evening, even sleeping is a special poetic enjoyment.

Nyingchi Dressing Guide in July

On the way from Lhasa to Nyingchi, there are some places that need to turn over the mountains, the temperature is very low, and the temperature difference between day and night in Tibet is large. Even in the highest temperature of June and July, you should prepare enough warm clothing, such as down jackets and sweaters. Ultraviolet rays in the Tibetan Plateau are very strong and cause great damage to the skin. It is recommended to prepare sunglasses, sunscreen and hat sunscreen.

√ Average 22°C during the day. It is recommended to wear comfortable suits such as short suits, T-shirts, thin denim pants, casual wear, and professional suits.

√ Average 12°C during the night. It is recommended to wear warm clothes such as suits, jackets, windbreakers, casual wear, jackets, suits, and thin sweaters.

Nyingchi Weather in Former July

Date Max. temp Min. temp Daytime Weather Night Weather
1. Jul. 24℃ 14℃ moderate rain light rain
2. Jul. 24℃ 13℃ light rain light rain
3. Jul. 22℃ 13℃ rain shower moderate rain
4. Jul. 21℃ 10℃ moderate rain overcast
5. Jul. 25℃ 10℃ overcast cloudy
6. Jul. 26℃ 11℃ overcast light rain
7. Jul. 23℃ 11℃ light rain moderate rain
8. Jul. 21℃ 12℃ light rain light rain
9. Jul. 25℃ 10℃ light rain light rain
10. Jul. 24℃ 12℃ light rain light rain
11. Jul. 24℃ 13℃ cloudy rain shower
12. Jul. 25℃ 10℃ light rain light rain
13. Jul. 23℃ 14℃ moderate rain light rain
14. Jul. 22℃ 12℃ light rain light rain
15. Jul. 22℃ 10℃ cloudy light rain
16. Jul. 26℃ 9℃ rain shower rain shower
17. Jul. 21℃ 9℃ cloudy cloudy
18. Jul. 24℃ 11℃ cloudy light rain
19. Jul. 23℃ 10℃ cloudy light rain
20. Jul. 23℃ 12℃ light rain light rain
21. Jul. 22℃ 9℃ light rain light rain
22. Jul. 23℃ 10℃ light rain overcast
23. Jul. 25℃ 9℃ light rain cloudy
24. Jul. 27℃ 7℃ rain shower cloudy
25. Jul. 28℃ 9℃ cloudy cloudy
26. Jul. 27℃ 10℃ rain shower overcast
27. Jul. 28℃ 9℃ overcast light rain
28. Jul. 26℃ 11℃ light rain light rain
29. Jul. 27℃ 7℃ rain shower cloudy
30. Jul. 24℃ 12℃ light rain light rain
31.Jul. 26℃ 10℃ cloudy light rain


Nyingchi Travel Guide in July

In the summer, Nyingchi, forever twenty-degree breeze, there are not many tourists, Namjagbrawa Peak is in the clouds and people are fascinated; Lulang Forest, Bomi Forest, and the secret Lotus Medog…. you will enjoy more…

Nyingchi Travel Tips in July

In July and August, the Nyingchi area is not cold, and the short-sleeved jacket is enough, but if you want to go to the surrounding scenic spots, you should pay attention to the temperature of some scenic spots that you need to wear a large cotton jacket. We suggest you have a set of jackets, and the jacket is best to be three-piece. The cotton layer of the jacket can be taken down. It is necessary to go to Tibet to play thick equipment. If you don’t have a jacket, you can use a cotton coat instead. Of course, the jacket is the best choice. It is best to bring a sunscreen coat, or a sleeve, and the UV rays are strong. Raincoats are also needed, or with umbrellas. July is the rainy season, and it may be raining when you go out for a walk.

Best Time to Visit Nyingchi

The best time to visit Nyingchi area is from September to October. Looking at the land surrounded by snow-capped mountains of Nyingchi, the autumn is colorful, and it is also the best time to watch the Nandi Bawa Peak. In the middle of March-April, it is also a wonderful choice to admire the wild peach blossoms in the mountains.

The average temperature in winter of Nyingchi is above 0 °C, and the average temperature in summer is 20 °C. It is a good place for no heat in summer and no cold in winter. During the rainy season from May to September each year, a large amount of rainfall will cause natural disasters such as landslides, mudslides and landslides. This poses a great threat to the road traffic between the valleys in the southeast of Tibet. Therefore, the rainy season is not a good season for tour Nyingchi.

Nyingchi in March, the warm sun shines, and the cold gradually disappears. It is already the ocean of flowers. The snow peaks in the distance are also white, and the peach blossoms have quietly bloomed like a falling sky. Pink peach blossoms, against the blue sky and the thin snow peaks, are very beautiful and beautiful. The annual Peach Blossom Festival will kick off on the beautiful Niyang River on March 15th. The local government will organize a variety of activities such as folk song and dance performances, archery competitions, and thousands of people. It is the perfect place for you to travel in the spring, enjoy the flowers, enjoy the scenery, and experience the Tibetan feelings.


Nyingchi Weather in July FAQ

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