Tibet Winter

Winter is from December to February. Road travel becomes rough because of ice and snow. However, the high altitude makes it feel warmer than the temperature. Because of its freezing temperature, fewer travelers choose to visit Tibet in winter, but a winter tour is much cheaper than in summer. 



In winter, Lhasa is dry and has little water vapor. The weather is fine every day, and the visibility is very good. From November to December in winter, the temperature is roughly between minus 10℃ and 10℃. The temperature difference is large; noon is the warmest time of day. It is necessary to keep warm when the sun goes down. Walking in the streets of Lhasa in the winter, the sun is still slightly warm, but the temperature is all brought by the sun. 

At the end of the year, various festivals also began to warm up, and you can see the most uplifting costumes of the Tibetans. At this time, if there is heavy snow, the whole Lhasa becomes a white color. The Potala Palace is crystal clear after snow. If you happen to have Christmas in Lhasa, it is also a special experience.


Yamdrok lake

The wind in Yamdrok Lake is very strong in winter, the climate is impermanent, dry and anoxic, the annual precipitation is 328.4 mm, the average temperature is around 0 °C in winter, but with the blowing, it can't be too long at the lake, the skin can't stand the wind. 

In winter, the southeastern part of Tibet and the surrounding areas of Lhasa were not covered by heavy snow, nor were blocked by heavy snow. At the end of October, Namtso Lake was not able to be visited by the snow-covered mountains, and the Yamdrok Lake was not far away, so the Yamdrok Lake, one of the three great holy lakes, was the best choice. 



From November to February next year, the temperature during the daytime around 8 °C in Nyingchi, the temperature at night is -1℃. As dry climate and strong wind, this time there are very few people to visit here.

Many people come to Nyingchi many times may not be able to see the overall perspective of Nnamjagbarwa, because Nnamjagbarwa is located in the Nyingchi of low altitude, high humidity, all the year round by the clouds, more difficult to see the whole picture in spring and summer. This holy mountain is also only suitable for winter travelers to view and admire.

Then go inside, Ranwu Lake is extremely beautiful in winter, snow fall to the lake, like the blue pearl dripping in the Snowy Mountains; Snow Mountain and Basum Lake in the winter is also magnificent…



Winter starts November end in February, the temperature from -10 °C ~ 5  °C, snow and ice are frequently. It is not recommended to visit Namtso, the road is usually closed in the winter due to heavy snowfall, if you insist to the tour, please make sure the weather is stable, the road is smoothly.

If you look Namtso in winter, perhaps only the lake full of ice, the lake piled up ice cubes. Visit Namtso at this time, warm protections must be done well. For the upper outer garment, you can choose a thick sweater and duvet; for pants you can choose thick warm pants and thick sweatpants collocation form; for shoes, we suggest the warm better outdoor shoes or sneakers. Warm tip: At this time to Namtso, ice cubes on the lake or distant snow-capped mountains is a bit glaring, it is recommended to bring sunglasses



1. In winter, ultraviolet light is strong, besides the basic sun protections, you can wear masks, sunglasses. Masks can block ultraviolet rays, at the same time they can block the cold wind, protect the face. If you go outdoors with snow and exercise for long periods of time, wear sunglasses to prevent the occurrence of snow blindness disease.

2. We need to pay more attention to keep warm in winter, at those areas, such as Shigatse and EBC, hats and scarves are necessary, At the observation deck of YamdrokTso, the wind is very strong, so you must do a good job of cold protection.

3. It is very dry in winter; daily moisturizing is also necessary.  If allowed, you can request a humidifier placed in your room, or put a cup of water at the head of the bed, increase the humidity in the air.

4. In winter, air oxygen content is lower than other times, so before the explorations please sleep more, the first day to Tibet do not exercise violently, bring your own some cold medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent physical discomfort.

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