Berth Introduction

Many tourists wonder how to choose hard sleeper, hard seat or soft sleeper. Let me take a look at these types of compartments.


√ Soft sleeper

Basic situation of soft sleeper

The soft sleeper is a four-person private room, which mainly has the characteristics of good privacy, less person, more comfortable and high price. Soft sleeper is more suitable for small groups or families. However, less than four people can also pack the entire room, but need to buy all four tickets.


The soft sleeper has bedding and the facilities are complete. A compartments for 4 people, divided into upper and lower bunks, provides a thermos bottle, a socket under the bunk bed, and a door that can isolate the walkway, quiet environment, no one is disturbing, is the most comfortable form of passenger train.


There are no separate toilets for soft sleepers and hard sleepers, but the biggest difference between soft sleepers and hard sleepers is that the soft sleeper has only two upper and lower bunks, which is very convenient for both the upper and lower bunks, while the hard sleeper has three upper and lower bunks, upper bunks and The middle shop can't sit up straight, and it's not as comfortable as soft sleep. And the soft sleeper compartment is less noisy than people, and sleep is relatively comfortable.


Where can I put my luggage?

The soft sleeper is larger than the hard sleeper, and the occupant has only 4 passengers, so the baggage placement is more than enough. You can place it under the bed and above the box door (actually above the aisle). Valuables are recommended to be carried with you.


√ Hard sleeper

Basic situation of hard sleeper

The hard sleeper is a six-person room. The price is much cheaper than the soft one, and it is suitable for traveling alone. The hard sleeper is divided into upper, middle and lower bed. The upper bunk is not able to stand upright, but it is relatively safer and quieter. The middle bunk can stand upright. In the morning, the radio starts at 7:00 and turns off at 9:00 in the evening. The sanitary conditions of the hard sleeper are also slightly higher than the hard seat. It is best to bring your own pillow towel or put a napkin on the pillow. In terms of safety, the hard sleeper is less than the hard seat, and the environment is simpler.


Berth Difference:

-The upper bunk is at the top of the bunk, the price is the cheapest in the sleeper, and it can be relatively quiet to play with your own things, relatively quiet.

-The price of the middle bed is cheaper than that of the upper one. But the mid-bed space is the smallest.

-The bottom bunk is very convenient, but the fare is the highest, and the property needs to be kept safe. During the day, everyone likes to sit in the bottom bunk, so it is easy to be disturbed.


Where can I put my luggage?

When you are in a hard sleeper, the carry-on baggage can be placed under the bed of the lower bunk or placed in the baggage storage rack above the aisle. The luggage rack is almost at the height of the top and is very spacious, basically able to put down large luggage. Valuables are recommended to be carried with you.


√ Hard Seat

Basic situation of hard seat

Since the train time is longer, although the hard seat is cheap, it is not recommended to choose a hard seat. The hard seat is greatly reduced in comfort and safety compared to the hard and soft sleeper. And high altitude travel is different from other travel, good environment and proper rest can avoid high reversal. However, if you can only buy a hard seat ticket, then we recommend that you start from Xining or Golmud for less time and the attractions are also very good.


Where can I put my luggage?

When you take the hard seat of the train, the baggage items can be placed on the luggage rack above the car or under the seat. Valuables are recommended to be carried with you.


√ Bathroom

The toilet on the train is clean and tidy. In general, the soft sleeper, hard sleeper, and hard seat toilets are all at the junction of the two compartments. Above the train compartment will have a suggestion to show if there is a person in the bathroom or not. Outside the bathroom, it has a washstand and mirror.


It should be noted that the toilet will be temporarily closed when the train stops at the station.


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