Diet Guide on the Tibet Train

In the long train journey, "meals" is also a topic that everyone is very concerned about, then, on the train, what to eat, when to eat, where to eat it! Let us answer your questions about the Qinghai-Tibet train diet.




Where to eat?

The train has always been one of the most important long-distance transportation in China. In the long journey, eating is one of the least things. In China, each train has a dining car to provide catering services for passengers. You can bring your own food or order a meal in the dining car.

The picture below shows the Qinghai-Tibet train dining environment




What to eat?

The Tibet train dining car serves Chinese food, set meals and stir-fries. The prices of dishes vary widely, but the general price is slightly higher. The picture below is a kind of train car meal!


At the same time, there are attendants on the train to sell lunches, drinks, snacks. The safety of snack foods sold on the train is guaranteed, but since it is on the train, all the food from the ground to the train must be placed separately inside a compartment, plus preservation, train fuel, manual care, push. The natural price will be relatively higher than usual.


In addition, there are also carts on some of the big train stations that sell local food. For example, the old yogurt at Xining Station is worth a try.



When to eat?

(1) The dining time on the train is basically fixed, and some attendants will come to sell food at the meal time.

(2) You can also go to the dining car to buy; you can go to order at any time during the day. It is the time for the chef to rest from 10pm to 6am.



Water supply.

There is hot water supply in each compartment, and you can bring your own cups. However, it is recommended to bring at least two barrels of mineral water, because the process of waiting for the water to cool is very long and very torturous. You can bring some tea or instant coffee, milk tea, etc. The water on the train will generally have a slight taste, and these can be well covered.




You can bring foods such as convenience foods and fruits according to your taste. Here we recommend three points for you!

√ You can bring the grapefruit in advance, and the unique fragrance of the grapefruit helps to ease the motion sickness;

√ You can bring cucumber, wash it in advance, peel it and cut it into a fresh-keeping bag. Cucumber is cool and hot, rich in dietary fiber, which can alleviate the heat and constipation caused by dryness on long-distance trains;

√ Fruits should avoid tropical fruits such as mango and lychee. The train is closed and it is easy to get dry, so it is not recommended to eat tropical fruits. In case the fruit is not enough, it doesn't matter. On the train, the fruit will be reduced by 10 yuan / 3 boxes or 10 yuan / 2 boxes every day after 6 pm. They are very fresh fruits.


It is worth reminding that if you eat instant noodles, it is best to put only half a bag of seasonings. The seasonings will be very salty. If the action is reduced, people will easily edema. Sausage, smoked ham, marinated egg, xylitol chewing gum, chicken feet, and spicy bean curd can also be taken in moderation. 

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